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New in the Shop:

Rabbit Fur have arrived!

Rabbit Fur: Snow White, Vanilla, Black, Gold, Brown, Platinum, Ash, Azur, Chocolate, Sand, Peanut, Midnigt Blue


Minky Shannon: Aqua, Banana, Dark Turquoise, Mallard, Baby Blue, Bluebell, Brown, Cappuccino, Caramel, Graphite, Lavender, Mauve, Mocha, Rasperry, Red, Royal Blue, Violet, Cerise, Cocoa, Marin


Seal Shannon: Sand, Chocolate, Alloy



Minky Shannon: Yellow, Lime, Scarlet, Lilac

You want to sew yourself a Stuffed Animal, Pillow, Blanket and many other things? Try it! It is much fun, and the result is so cuddly and fluffy!

Click on the Video to see a few examples of what you can craft with Minky