Long Faux Fur Fabrics

Here you will find wonderful faux fur fabrics, from 15mm - 70mm fur lengths, from shiny (more realistic, Siberian Wolf) to super soft Luxury Shag Fur.

Sample Cards


You are not sure how the Fur colors look or how the Fur feels? Then you can get samples. ^.^ So you know exactly which Fabric fits your project.

Dream Fur - 60mm

- thick, soft faux fur, shinier than the Luxury Shag -

- 20cm wider than the Luxury Shag -

Luxury Shag Fur 38-50mm- BigZ

- super soft faux fur -

Luxury Shag Fur 45mm- Shannon

- super soft faux fur -

Siberian Wolf Lux Fur - 60mm

- soft, realistic fur -

Siberian Wolf Fur - 60mm

- soft, realistic fur -