Minky Shannon

Differences between Apoz and Shannon Minky:

Apoz Minky is a bit thicker and handier, it isn ́t as stretchable as Shannon Minky. Nevertheless, booth Minky “species” are high-quality!

It is so fluffy soft and perfect for Stuffed Animals, Blankets, Pillows and everything else you can imagine! Minky ́s possibilities are endless! Just try it out and you will be surprise.

Sample Cards

Not sure what the colours look like? Then you can get samples. That way you know exactly which fabric works for your project. You can also write me if you are not sure. :)


New: Sample card Minky Shannon, contains all colors!

Minky Shannon - for Sublimation

The fabric was specially designed for digital printing (sublimation). But can of course also be used for normal sewing projects. It is thinner than the normal Minky from Shannon and the fur length is 2mm instead of the usual 3mm.

Minky Shannon Solids